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Yamaha recalls some 4-stroke outboards

Yamaha Motor Corp. USA has issued a voluntary recall on some of its 4-stroke outboards because of a problem that could prevent operators from shifting into neutral.

“You can end up with a slightly high idle,” says Claude Von Plato, manager of Yamaha’s Marine Service Division. “That makes it difficult to put the gear shift into neutral.”

The recall involves F225, LF225, F200 and LF200 outboards from model years 2002 through 2004. Von Plato says the problem relates to excessive friction in the ball joints of the throttle link rods. He estimates that about 30,000 engines are affected.

Yamaha notified customers of the potential defect and encouraged them to see their dealers. Von Plato says fixing the problem involves replacing the throttle linkage rods with new ones of a different type, at no cost to the customer.

This recall involves the same engines covered in a similar recall issued in August 2003. While that recall also related to difficulty in returning the throttle all the way to idle after operating at cruising speed, Von Plato says there were “different elements” involved.