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Yanmar debuts high-torque diesel engine

Yanmar is introducing a compact 4.46 L, twin-turbo V-8 diesel engine.

EPA Tier 3-compliant, the 8LV is offered in 320-hp and 370-hp models at a dry weight of 992 pounds.

This high-torque engine produces a broad power range, from 550 rpm at idle to 3,800 at the top end. Drive systems include the KMH50 series down angle or V-drive and Yanmar's new ZT370 dual-propeller sterndrive.

This is the first engine to utilize Yanmar's CAN-bus vessel control system, the Yanmar VCS. Inclusive of controls, full-color digital displays with NMEA2000 or J1939 gauge output, and all cabling and wiring, the system was developed by Yanmar to meet the company's standards of quality and dependability.