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Young angler recovers from barracuda encounter

A Florida teen is recovering after tangling with a 5-foot barracuda that jumped into his father’s boat and struck him so hard and made him bleed so bad that he said he thought he was going to die.

What made it worse, the 13-year-old and his father were far offshore and they didn't have any way to call for help.

It was a Sunday afternoon fishing trip for Irwin King and his son, Parker. About 19 miles from land, they spotted a barracuda.

"We seen him and he was big and we were like, 'This should be a fun little fight.' But it wasn't. It wasn't," said Irwin King.

That fight turned into a fight for Parker's life.

"In a split second, he went from there, up over the boat and just nailed him right [on the upper chest/shoulder area]," King told Local 6.

"It's still flopping in the back of the boat and I started going, just heading, I mean, it was not a fun ride," recalled King.

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