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Young boat thief is punished

MAY 31 -- A 16-year-old Canadian teenager was sentenced recently to a year’s probation for stealing a fishing boat, using it to ram another boat and causing it to sink.

The Nova Scotia boy on Friday pleaded guilty in provincial court to charges of mischief and causing property damage, news reports say. The court last summer dropped six other charges against the boy, who could not be identified because of his age.

The court heard testimony that the boy, who reportedly cannot read or write and works on a fishing boat, was drunk last August when he climbed aboard a fishing boat and rammed it repeatedly into another boat until the battered boat sank, reports say.

The boy was ordered to perform 200 hours of community service, according to reports, including doing work for the owners of the boat he stole, who paid $5,000 (Canadian) to cover damages to their boat. Insurance is said to have covered the costs related to the sunken boat.

— Jason Fell