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Young Boy Honored By Coast Guard for Rescuing Grandparents

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Last week, 11-year-old Avani Perez found himself alone aboard his grandparents’ boat when they became separated from the vessel. His grandfather had jumped into the water to untangle the anchor line from the propellor and became stuck in the current. His grandmother had jumped in to save him.

Avani realized that his grandparents were drowning, and he acted quickly, using the cellphone onboard to dial 911. The boy remained on the line for an hour while the Coast Guard, sheriff’s deputies, and conservation officers determined their location.

Fortunately, Fish & Wildlife Conservation and a good Samaritan successfully located Avani’s grandparents and retrieved them from the water. The Coast Guard Station Islamorada Crew located Avani and the boat.

According to his grandmother, Kim Harris, Avani was raised on a boat, and she was confident the entire time they were in the water that he knew what to do. Avani was presented with a gold coin from the Coast Guard crew for his heroism.