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Young sailor puts in after seven months at sea

Teenage solo circumnavigator Jessica Watson will complete a non-stop, unassisted solo sail around the globe if all goes well Saturday.

The 16-year-old Australian set off Oct. 18, 2009 from Sydney in her Sparkman & Stephens 34 with an eye towards completing her circumnavigation before her 17th birthday. It has been a race against the clock this week since her birthday is May 17.

While official world-record authorities have cast doubt she will be formally recognized for the youngest person to sail non-stop, unassisted, Watson has stated this trip was about her personal goal rather than landing in the record books.

"Yes, it's a shame that my voyage won't be recognized by a few organizations because I'm under 18, but it really doesn't worry me," Watson wrote in her May 6 blog post.

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