You’re Gonna Need a Second Boat

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“You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

In the 1974 movie “Jaws,” Roy Scheider’s character utters that now famous line to Robert Shaw’s character Quint after Scheider came face to face with the enormous shark.

What the makers of “Jaws” discovered during filming is that in order to finish the movie they were going need a replica of Quint’s Orca that they could sink over and over. They made a copy of the Orca, but it did not get an engine. Instead Orca II was outfitted with barrels below the waterline that the film crew could fill to sink the boat and empty to raise it again for a subsequent take.

Jake Rossen at Mental Floss tells the fascinating and bizarre story of what happened on location during the filming, how the Orca II came about, who inspired Quint’s character; what finally became of the Orca II, and much more. This is a great read. 



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