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Golden Globe Sailor Susie Goodall Rescued In South Pacific

The Golden Globe Race, a non-stop, 30,000-mile solo race around the planet, is one of the toughest sailing challenges in the world.

At age 29, Susie Goodall was this year’s youngest participant and the only woman in the field of 18 sailors. Goodall was well on her way to completing the race, but last Wednesday her boat pitchpoled and rolled so violently in the South Pacific that it dismasted her boat and temporarily knocked Goodall unconscious. 

On Friday, she was picked up by a cargo ship that was diverted to rescue her. Her boat was taking on water and is assumed to have sunk. Goodall was the eleventh participant to be forced out of the competition. You can read more about it in this NPR report.


Bermuda Shipwreck 2

Shipwrecks In Paradise

Navigating Bermuda can be treacherous; the island is surrounded by coral reefs that have ensnared many unsuspecting vessels over the last 400 years. Bermuda’s original settlers took advantage of the shipwrecks by scavenging whatever could be used to help them survive. They recovered iron, bronze and whatever other materials they could find to help them live on an isolated island with few of its own natural resources.


Volvo Ocean Race Is Newport-Bound

Leg 8 of the 2017-2018 Volvo Ocean Race got underway off Itajaí, Brazil, yesterday bound for Newport, Rhode Island. The 5,700-nautical-mile-long run takes sailors around the eastern end of Brazil, through the doldrums and across the Equator and then through the western Atlantic Ocean to Newport.


Frenchman Attempts To Cross The Atlantic In A Barrel

Jean-Jacques Savin, 71, says he has sailed across the Atlantic four times. Now, he is attempting to cross in a barrel using only ocean currents for propulsion.

Adrift at Sea, for 49 Days

An Indonesian teenager survived being adrift at sea for 49 days after his fishing raft broke from its mooring. He was rescued by a ship near Guam, 1,200 miles away.


Extreme Sailing

The ferocious Southern Ocean can bring the best sailors to their knees. Watch as crewmembers aboard a Volvo Ocean 65 struggle to maintain control of their boat as they blast through heavy seas on a reach.


Flotsam & jetsam: Own ‘Papa’s boat’

Pilar, a replica of Ernest Hemingway’s 1934 38-foot Wheeler sportfishing boat of the same name, is for sale.