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Portable Fuel Tanks – Fueling the Fun!

Engineered for the recreational boating market

When you’re out on the water having fun, you shouldn’t need to give your fuel system a second thought. Moeller portable fuel tanks, engineered for the recreational boating market, furnish fuel systems or components to nearly every boat builder: from bass and ski boats to offshore salt water fishing.

New 9 Gallon Tank

Moeller portable tanks are designed and manufactured to deliver uncompromising quality and value and are safe, reliable and durable. Tanks prevent the escape of hydrocarbons at the molecular level which makes them compliant with EPA emissions and permeation requirements. EPA-compliant tanks meet all ABYC/NMMA/EPA/CARB requirements, constructed from seamless, thick-walled plastic, they are 30% tougher than other brands, available with or without sight gauges and range from three to twelve-gallon tanks. 

Other features:

  • ABYC/NMMA/EPA/CARB Compliant
  • Rotating fuel withdrawal
  • Fuel reserve
  • Sight gauge
  • Cap tether
  • Audible click on closure of cap
  • EPA-compliant cap
  • Two-year warranty

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