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Protect yourself and passengers against dangerous man overboard situations

Autotether– Wireless Man Overboard Alert / Engine Cut-off System
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Autotether is the easiest to use man overboard alert and engine cutoff system on the market today. It requires no installation and is ready to use in minutes. It provides the safety every boater needs to protect against dangerous man overboard situations. Ever boat or fish alone? Ever wonder what would happen if you fell overboard, while your boat disappeared into the distance or worse circled back around toward you…..scary. What would you do if one of your passengers went overboard unnoticed….every minute matters.   

The Autotether is the device every boater needs to protect against these situations. Here’s how it works…. Simply attached the Autotether Host unit to your boat’s existing engine cut-off switch and turn it on. Then as many as four passengers/operators wear the compact Remote Sensors and turn them on. That’s it. Then if the operator goes overboard an alarm is sounded and the boat’s engine is cut-off. If one of the passengers go overboard only the alarm is sounded so the operator can quickly go back to retrieve the passenger. And since its wireless everyone can move freely onboard, while still being protected.


Autotether is great for a variety of applications, including; recreational boating, water skiers, fishing, commercial crew overboard alert and law enforcement. Many state boating laws already require use of an engine cut-off device and most boat insurance policies require it. But more importantly it’s just good common sense to use one. Overboard situations account for most boating fatalities and injuries. Protect yourself and passengers against these dangerous situations and get an Autotether today. Connects to existing kill switch, no installation, or wiring required. Immediately cuts engine and sounds alarm in overboard situations. Learn More