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Quicksilver Engines - The Best Time to Repower Classic Boats is Right Now


Boat shows are in full swing across the country. New and exciting boat models are all the rage. Realistically, not everyone wants a new boat as many boaters are still in love with the looks of the classic boat they already have. With proper repairs and a fresh set of Quicksilver engines any non-catalyst sterndrive or inboard boat can be back on the water in style this season!

And it hardly matters what size of boat because Quicksilver now offers a complete portfolio of 100% new repower sterndrive and inboard engines from 135-425 HP. With many enhancements and improvements, Quicksilver engines are now the most reliable engines available for repower. Some of these improvements include:

  • Black-X composite valve technology improves valve life over 40%
  • Revised combustion chambers deliver a smoother idle & cleaner exhaust
  • Crankshaft balance upgrades deliver smooth durability
  • Rock solid castings lower noise, vibration, & harshness

These lay the foundations for building the confidence to offer a 3-Year limited warranty on all 100% new Quicksilver Alpha, Bravo, Inboard, and Tow Sport repower engines. Drives, transoms, rigging, transmissions, and props required to complete the repower are all sold separately.


Alpha Engines

Repower the most popular sterndrive boats in the world. The fabulous 3.0L TKS and 350 MPI Quicksilver engines are the best engines ever to repower boats using Alpha drives with value and style. With smoother operation and turn key starting, the 3.0L TKS propels 16’-18’ runabouts and small houseboats with ease by delivering 135 HP. For larger boats, get the fuel-injected V8 the boat deserved when it was new, the 350 MPI delivers a sporty 300 HP for classic 19’-25’ runabouts.


Bravo Engines

Built for power and durability, Quicksilver Bravo engines repower stylish cruisers, sport, deck, and houseboats like none other. The 350 MPI Bravo engine differs from an Alpha with the addition of a flush system and seawater pump. The 350 MPI is a great power upgrade for the now defunct 5.0L platform. It even has enough torque to push big houseboats around with ease. For replacing obsolete 7.4L engines, the Quicksilver 383 MPI delivers 350 HP for better acceleration and up to 10% better fuel economy while reducing 150# per engine. Additional power & efficiency comes from a winning combination of a longer stroke 4340 forged crankshaft & high torque roller valvetrain. Salt water ready, the 383 MPI, 496 MPI & 496 H.O. MPI models are equipped with standard fresh water cooling. The 496 MPI brings new life to twin engine boats up to 38’ by delivering 375 HP and 17% more torque than aged 454 engines. The legendary 496 H.O. is back and better than ever as a Quicksilver engine. Delivering 425 HP and over 500 ft-lb of torque, the 496 H.O. is ready to rock single-engine boats up to 30’ or twin-engine boats up to 40’.


Horizon Engines

Twin engine inboard yachts need the high torque and durability that Quicksilver Horizon fuel injected engines deliver. 350 Horizon engines deliver 300 HP to push inboards up to 32’ with ease. An obvious upgrade to any 454 engine, 8.1 Horizon models deliver tons of torque and 370 HP for cruising all day with yachts up to 38’. Ready for ocean duty, closed cooling is standard for all 350 & 8.1L Horizon models. Inline and V-Drive engine configurations available for repowering most aft-cabin and express cruisers.

Black X Valve

Tow Sport Engines

Slalom, wake, and classic wooden runabout boats up to 23’ all benefit from the high torque and 315 HP the 350 MPI Tow Sport engines deliver. Inline and V-Drive configurations are available. A 71C 1.0:1 transmission is included in this assembly for added value.

Quicksilver now offers an entire portfolio of repower engines for virtually every type of classic sterndrive and inboard boat. A strong set of design enhancements make Quicksilver engines the most durable and reliable engines for marine repower in the world. Backed with a 3-year factory limited warranty, and global service network clearly makes Quicksilver the Only Logical Choice for repower.

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