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Elegance, Classic Style, Performance: The Vanquish 21CC


Meet the Vanquish Boats 21' Center Console, a handcrafted example of classic New England design and styling that delivers best in class performance and stability.

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Part of the Bristol Harbor Series and designed by naval architects Greg Beers and Cory Wood, her hull features a precisely balanced variable deadrise that is stable at rest yet dry and comfortable in chop. But what is even more exciting is that the special variable deadrise hull design produces much greater performance with less horsepower than other 21’ center consoles.  

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Travel Around the World and Back in Time

The incredible 1848 Grand Panorama of a Whaling Voyage ‘Round the World is longer than the Empire State Building is tall. This summer, be among the first in this generation to see the Panorama in its entirety at the Kilburn Mill in New Bedford, and experience it as a moving picture show at the New Bedford Whaling Museum. www.whalingmuseum.org.


Regulator 34 Center Console

Jon Baker needed a 30-plus-foot boat to safely take his family and friends on longer trips offshore. A 2010 Regulator 34 Center Console fit the bill.