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Tips To Prevent Boat Theft

Have you ever thought about the fact that boats are also submitted to theft risk just like cars and other vehicles? Given the fact that recreational boating is constantly growing in popularity, a growth is also recorded in the number of boats, equipment, or personal item thefts found on boats all across the country. Each year, the statistics are getting more alarming as thieves like to be inventive and keep up with the latest security technologies, finding ways to counteract their effects. If you wish to turn your boat into a safe haven, especially considering how much money you have actually invested in it, you should carefully read these next few tips and put them into practice.

Mark Your Boat

Name it; have it engraved; add a personal touch to it so that in case it gets stolen, you will be able to easily identify it or provide its accurate and detailed description to the authorities in charge. Do the same with all of the pieces of equipment and electronic devices or personal items you normally keep on your boat. Add the hull identification number to them, as well as your driver's license number so you can fully customize and mark them. Make these markings in areas that are not easily visible and noticeable and repeat the process for your trailer.

Secure Your Boat

Boats need to be permanently maintained and secured against all risks and theft trials. Starting with the ignition switch that needs to be constantly locked and moving on to the removal of the motor parts like the coil wires should all interest you. You should also consider storing the boat in a garage that is locked with the help of a sturdy key and latch or deadbolt for extra protection. A secured boat storage facility or even a small warehouse used for storage purposes could also be just what you need, and if you feel you need an extra hand securing the storage location, get in touch with a local locksmith that also handles automotive locks and ask for help.

Take a look at a few locksmiths in your area and do some flat rate versus service quality comparisons, or simply click here and get in touch with a trustworthy company. These fellows offer residential, as well as automotive and commercial services, including lock rekey, lock repair, key duplicate services, and even emergency lockout services.

Maintain your boat inside your yard and out of sight if possible, and if you also have a trailer, keep it with the "nose" in and not out. If you are going to use a storage location in the outdoors, you should remove at least one wheel from the trailer to discourage thieves interested in having it stolen. And if you wish to use a top-notch security system in the form of a chain and high quality lock , use a tree or post to secure both the trailer and the boat. Get in touch with a specialized locksmith to recommend the best lock and chain options.