A Mesmerizing Video Loaded with Boats and Music

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For 27 years, cellist Wilhelmina Smith has organized the Salt Bay Chamberfest concert series in Midcoast Maine, but when Covid-19 forced the cancellation of this summer’s performances, she took her cello out onto a float in the middle of a Maine harbor where cinematographer Joe Zizzo recorded a beautiful video. Seated on a lobster pot on a float in the middle of Round Pond Harbor, Smith plays J.S. Bach’s sixth suite for unaccompanied cello as the camera moves around her and shows close-ups of lobster boats, lobstermen, and various other harbor scenes.

Turn up the volume, expand the video on your screen, and sit back for five minutes as Zizzo’s beautiful cinematography puts you out on the water with Smith as her performance and the sounds of the harbor carry you away.

More performances shot at various Midcoast Maine shore locations will be released through the winter. 


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