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A Ride Back Into History

Today there are just two fully restored and operational Patrol Torpedo boats, or PT boats, left in the world, and only one of them saw service in World War II. That boat, PT-305, which performed more than 70 missions during the war, is now owned and operated by the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is available for rides on Lake Pontchartrain.

PT boats gained fame during World War II for their exploits, sinking enemy ships at close quarters and performing other acts of derring-do. Three companies, Elco of New Jersey, Higgins of Louisiana and Huckins of Florida built 531 PT boats during the war. One of them, PT-109, became famous because its commander, John F. Kennedy, went on to become President of the United States. Kennedy’s boat was rammed and sunk by a Japanese destroyer, making it one of the 99 boats that were lost during the war.

After the war, most of the remaining PT boats were destroyed by the US Navy because they were too expensive for a peacetime Navy. Each boat had three Packard 3A-2500, V-12 aircraft engines with as much as 1,850 hp each, which consumed vast quantities of high-octane gasoline. Hundreds of the PT boats were stripped of their armament, and their mahogany-planked hulls were burned on site so the Navy wouldn’t have to transport them back to the United States, which is why so few survived the war.

The 90-minute rides on PT-305 cost $350 per person. That may sound steep, but it’s quite a ride, and when you consider that at 45 mph the boat’s engines burn about 60 dollars of gasoline per minute, you can understand why the US Navy was so eager to dispose of them and why the ride isn’t cheap.

If you still haven’t gotten enough of PT-305 and want to know more about her history, you might want to watch this video about a veteran who sailed her during World War II and who after more than 70 years returns for a ride aboard PT-305.


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"A Pretty Tight Squeeze"

For some people parallel parking their car is tough. For others, docking their 25-footer is a challenge. For a harbor pilot, backing a large ship up a narrow channel lined with a couple of cruise ships and a tanker is just another day on the job. WATCH

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Former Ferry Becomes A Reef

A drone camera recorded the final journey of a former 320-foot ferry as she was intentionally sunk to become part of an artificial reef off the New Jersey and Delaware coasts. WATCH

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VIDEO: Close Encounters Of The Finned Kind

Fin whale encounters are rare, so when a group of whale watchers off California had a juvenile fin whale swim up to their boat, practically mug for the camera, and then circle their inflatable boat, it made for some special footage. WATCH

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VIDEO: New Jersey’s Lighthouses Are No Joke

New Jersey is often the butt of jokes, but those who live there know it’s got a lot more than a refinery next to the New Jersey Turnpike. As residents and boaters know, New Jersey has plenty of lighthouses, and as seen in this beautiful drone video, there’s not a refinery in sight. WATCH

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For those boat operators who do not relish the thought of docking a yacht, Volvo Penta may just have invented a dream solution, advanced self-docking technology that will allow a yacht to dock itself. WATCH

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How Drones Cover The Volvo Ocean Race

Drones have completely changed the way the Volvo Ocean Race is covered. This Volvo Ocean Race drone video compilation shows footage that was unattainable in the pre-drone era and is worth a look. WATCH

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Beautiful Boat, Beautiful Film

Alison Langley is well-known for her nautical photography, but she also studied film at New York University, which she put to good use to tell the story of Marilee, a 1926 Nathanael Herreshoff New York 40 that the French & Webb yard rebuilt in Belfast, Maine. The documentary is 38 minutes long. If you love beautiful boats, it’s worth every minute of your time. WATCH

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Whale Capsizes Boat Off New Jersey Coast

Two New Jersey fishermen experienced a Captain Ahab moment when a whale breached beneath their boat and sent both of them into the ocean. You can see the rescue effort in this video. WATCH