Alarmed Woman Calls Cops on Whales

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She saw a whale over the wale and wailed.

A woman aboard a boat in Puget Sound called 911 to report to the police that they were surrounded by humpback whales. The audio of the woman’s call was captured along with video and has drawn widespread attention.

In the video, you can hear a man aboard the boat enthralled with the cetacean experience. He continually tries to assure everyone that the whales are friendly and gentle, but the other people on the boat become increasingly alarmed. At one point a woman exclaims, “We’re going to die.”

In the middle of the video, another woman calls 911 to report the whales to the police. Eventually, a chorus of protest from all the boat’s occupants forces the skipper of the boat to motor away.

You can read more about it in this Washington Post story.