Beautiful Boat, Beautiful Film

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Nathanael Herreshoff is known as one of the most celebrated yacht designers of all time, Alison Langley is a renowned nautical photographer and Todd French is a premier boat builder. Put the three of them together, and you get NY40 MARILEE: The Restoration of a Herreshoff Classic, a beautifully photographed and informative 38-minute documentary by Langley about a 1926 Nathaneal Herreshoff-designed and built New York 40.

In the film, Langley not only tells the story of the restoration of the boat by French & Webb, a Belfast, Maine, boat builder, but also wraps in the history of the New York 40 design, Nathaneal Herreshoff’s career as a designer and builder and a discovery in the Hart Nautical Collections at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that gives Marilee a unique distinction.

The film was screened in Maine and Rhode Island and now is available online.