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Close Encounters Of The Finned Kind

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A small group of whale watchers got a special treat off the Southern California coast, when a young fin whale repeatedly approached them. As captured in the video below, the juvenile whale, about twice as long as the outfitter’s 26-foot RIB, circled the boat and even followed it as it drifted with the current.

The drone footage of the rare encounter happened a 45-minute boat ride north of Newport Beach, California, and was captured by Mark Girardeau for Newport Coastal Adventure, which specializes in private and semi-private whale-watching trips.

Fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus), also known as finback whales or common rorquals, are the second largest mammals on earth. An adult can reach a length of 85 feet. Only the blue whale is larger. Fin whales are very boat shy, can stay down for long periods and are very fast, so it is rare for humans to get a really close look at them. They have been called “the greyhound of the sea” because their slender bodies allow them to cruise at 25 mph and sprint up to 29 mph.


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Cinemagraphs Capture The Beauty Of Ocean Waves

Many sailors are drawn to the sea by its natural beauty. Now, a photographer and cinematographer have teamed up to produce cinemagraphs, which allow you to view hypnotic moving images of the ocean from the comfort of your living room chair. WATCH

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How Drones Cover The Volvo Ocean Race

Drones have completely changed the way the Volvo Ocean Race is covered. This Volvo Ocean Race drone video compilation shows footage that was unattainable in the pre-drone era and is worth a look. WATCH

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Close Encounters of the Whale Kind

This 7-minute video compilation of whales getting very close to the camera has been viewed 5 million times


VIDEO: King Of The Reef

The Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission is considering opening a limited season via a lottery drawing that would allow 100 fisherman to harvest one goliath grouper per year.

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VIDEO: A Ride Back Into History

Out of the more than 500 Patrol Torpedo (PT) boats built during World War II, only two fully restored and operational hulls remain. PT-305 is one of them, and a recent restoration means she’s fit for paying passengers who want to go for a ride. WATCH

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VIDEO: New Jersey’s Lighthouses Are No Joke

New Jersey is often the butt of jokes, but those who live there know it’s got a lot more than a refinery next to the New Jersey Turnpike. As residents and boaters know, New Jersey has plenty of lighthouses, and as seen in this beautiful drone video, there’s not a refinery in sight. WATCH


Tip Of The Iceberg

Photography by Onne van der Wal