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VIDEO: A little boat with a big story

In 1953 Ann Davison set sail on an epic voyage across the Atlantic from England to Dominica, becoming the first woman to sail solo transatlantic. A few years after stepping into the history books, her sloop Felicity Ann – pint-sized at 23 feet long – underwent a different sort of voyage.

Davison sold the boat sometime in the late ‘50s, and Felicity Ann passed through a variety of hands before she was donated to the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building in Port Hadlock, Washington, in 2009. Now she is undergoing a restoration by the school and will be used as an on-the-water training platform for the community.

This video by the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building has more:

Check out the Soundings’ article about Ann Davison and the restoration of Felicity Ann, which appeared in the July 2017 issue.



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