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Freya, the Sunbathing, Boat-Sinking Walrus, is at it Again

Freya, the 1,300-pound walrus who sank boats all over Northern Europe in 2021, has returned and continues to sink watercraft. 

Scientists believe she is climbing on boats because ice floes are hard to find. Experts are trying to find a way to relocate her, but they're not sure how to do it. Here's some video footage from Norway where she is currently lounging.


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After Freya the Boat-crushing Walrus Was Euthanized, the Killers Got Blasted

Norwegian scientists said the killing was unnecessary, and more than $25,000 was raised to erect a statue of the walrus to remind people to live with nature

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Highlights of the Newport International Boat Show: Life Proof GS-50

The Life Proof GS-50 is the company’s largest pleasure craft built to date. With triple 600-hp Mercurys, it’s capable of 60 mph.

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Rollover Recovery

The USCG’s updated 47-foot Motor Lifeboat is rolled over for a self-righting test

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A Mesmerizing Video Loaded with Boats and Music

Set in the middle of a Maine harbor filled with working lobster boats, the Salt Bay Chamberfest puts a beautiful video of a musical performance online

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Highlights of the Newport International Boat Show: Eastbay 60

Team Soundings toured the Eastbay 60 at NIBS. Watch this video to hear and see what the editors liked.

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Highlights of the Newport International Boat Show: Hylas M44

Hylas Yachts, long known for its sailboats, brought a 44-foot motorboat to the Newport show and just delivered its first 49-foot model to the U.S.

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Highlights of the Newport International Boat Show: Nimbus T11

We got aboard the Nimbus T11 to see its versatility as both a family boat and a vessel for adventure


Onne’s New Goose: A Fixture Facelift

Onne and Tenley upgrade the faucets and sinks in the head and galley