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The Great Schooner Race


I laid in the cozy berth as occasional rain drops fell squarely on the deck prism above my head and the 95-foot Schooner Heritage danced on her anchor. Topside the crew began the cadence-driven routine of washing down the decks with seawater as the breakfast bell rang. Smoke from the 800-pound wood stove lightly wafted from the Charlie Noble as I mustered for chow. Though it felt as if I had gone back more than 100 years in time, it was just another morning on a Maine Windjammer.

Gathered around the Schooner Heritage were eight other schooners, some more than 100 years old. The fleet had gathered and anchored the night before in preparation for the 42nd installment of the Great Schooner Race, an annual schooner jamboree that reunites members of the Maine Windjammer Association.

These graceful ships spend much of the summer hosting guests on three- to six-day cruises all around the gorgeous Maine Coast. Today they gathered to hoist their sails and blow off a bit of steam in a friendly race to Rockland. This video from News Center Maine has more on the race.

As luck would have it, our schooner took line honors for the first time since 2003, finishing first ahead of the entire fleet. The rest of the fleet finished as follows:

The Cutty Sark Award for first place overall: Schooner Heritage, Captained by Doug & Linda Lee, Rockland, Maine

Coaster Class

First Place:  Schooner Stephen Tabor, Captain: Noah Barnes, Homeport: Rockland, Maine

Second Place: Schooner Grace Bailey, Captain: Christopher Trandell, Owner: Ray Williamson, Homeport: Camden, Maine

Third Place: Schooner Lewis R. French, Captain Garth Wells, Homeport: Camden, Maine

Leeward Class

First Place: Schooner Heritage, Captains: Doug & Linda Lee, Homeport: Rockland, Maine

Second Place: Schooner J&E Riggin, Captain: Jon Finger & Annie Mahle, Homeport: Rockland, Maine

Third Place: Windjammer Angelique, Captain: Dennis Gallant, Homeport: Camden, Maine

Windward Class

First Place: Schooner American Eagle, Captain: John Foss, Homeport: Rockland, Maine

Second Place: Schooner Mary Day , Captain: Barry King, Homeport: Camden Maine

Third Place: Schooner Ladona, Captain: J.R. Braugh, Homeport: Rockland, Maine



Volvo Ocean Race Is Newport-Bound

Leg 8 of the 2017-2018 Volvo Ocean Race got underway off Itajaí, Brazil, yesterday bound for Newport, Rhode Island. The 5,700-nautical-mile-long run takes sailors around the eastern end of Brazil, through the doldrums and across the Equator and then through the western Atlantic Ocean to Newport.


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The sights and sounds of a fine schooner can bewitch, and keep the enamored returning, in body and mind, forever.


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Just like a scene out of the hit movie The Italian Job, bandits in Stockholm, Sweden, recently made off in a motorboat after a heist of epic proportions. They carried with them two priceless 17th-century royal crowns and an orb.


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The Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission is considering opening a limited season via a lottery drawing that would allow 100 fisherman to harvest one goliath grouper per year.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 4.00.06 PM

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Saved By The Bell … For Now

The 2018 Maryland Legislature adjourned yesterday and among the last-minute bills that passed was a resolution to fund the Pride of Baltimore II, the globe-trotting sailing ambassador for Baltimore City and the state of Maryland, to the tune of $500,000 annually. Despite the funding, the tall ship is still facing a yearly $700,000 budget shortfall.


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