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Highlights of the Newport International Boat Show: Hylas M44

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At the Newport International Boat Show, Soundings Editor Jeanne Craig and Executive Editor Pim Van Hemmen took a look at the Hylas M44, and they liked what they saw.

The Hylas brand was established in 1985 with the H44 sailboat and Hylas has a long-established reputation in the sailing world, but the M44 powerboat is a more recent development.

First released in 2018, it was designed by a firm in New Zealand for its challenging waters. In that country it is known as the Salthouse Corsair 44, but the Corsair and the M44 are the same boat and have the same fit and finish as the Hylas sailboats.

Hylas also just delivered its first M49 hull to Florida from its Taiwan factory. The M49 is a stretched version of the M44 with an additional 5 feet in the cockpit, which can accommodate a barbecue, a cutting station, or even a day head. The company  also has a Doug Zurn-designed M58 on the drawing board.

You can see what Team Soundings thought of the M44 in the below video by Soundings Art Director Briana Smith.

For more information about the Hylas motorboats, go to the Hylas website.


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