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How to Restore a Traditional Wooden Boat in 12 Minutes

Maybe you've always wanted to learn how to restore a wooden boat but didn’t have the skills.

Now, a 12-minute video compilation shows some of the tricks of the trade the shipwrights at Norway’s Hardanger Ship Preservation Center used to bring the 1888 fishing vessel Fremad II back to life over the past four years.

After you watch the video you still may not be able to do a full restoration, but you’ll pick up some great tips.

You can learn more about the Fremad II, her history, and watch an earlier video here.


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Caulking a Traditional Wooden Fishing Boat

Watch as shipwrights at the Hardanger Maritime Center in Noheimsund, Norway, put the finishing touches on the rebuilt hull of a 130-year-old traditional North Sea fishing vessel.


A Tampa Bay charter captain gets in deep water after a video shows him scraping a manatee with a fishing pole.

A Tampa Bay charter captain gets in deep water after a video shows him scraping a manatee with a fishing pole.


Going Under The Adze

Launched in 1888, Fremad II is an English-built fishing boat currently undergoing a complete restoration at Hardanger Ship Preservation Center in Vågå, Norway. This video shows a shipwright using a mix of traditional and modern tools to handcraft a curved plank for Fremad II’s stern.

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How They Feed the Fish at the Aquarium

Preparing food for the animals at the nation’s oldest public marine aquarium is a gooey and entertaining process.

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Restoring a Rare 114-Year-Old Fishing Boat

A Washington state non-profit organization is saving a wooden 1906 salmon fishing boat, one of the last of its kind.

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Dramatic Video Shows Crew Rescue in Heavy Seas

Crewmembers of a transport ship jumped into the raging sea so a Norwegian helicopter’s rescue swimmer could pluck them out of the water


In the Nick of Time

A video shows a man patiently waiting for rescuers as his boat burns behind him.


Onne’s New Goose: A New Windlass and Anchor

Onne replaces the old Vetus windlass with a Lofrans and the CQR anchor with a Mantus. A new rode and chain top off the package