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VIDEO: The loveable catboat

Easy on the eyes and pleasing to sail, catboats are unpretentious sailboats with a working boat past. Hundreds of these boats were at one time built for commercial use, but nowadays you’re more likely to find a catboat out on a leisurely cruise or rounding the marks on a race course.

This video has more about their history and design: 

Want to see more catboats? Check out this painting of a pair of catboats gracefully gilding along on Long Island Sound, by Peter Arguimabau, which appeared in Soundings’ July 2017 issue. Also, you might enjoy reading The Evolution Of Catboats from our April 2016 issue.



VIDEO: The Friendship Sloop

The beautiful and graceful Friendship Sloop evolved from hardscrabble fishing boats used to harvest lobster and fin fish in Maine.


VIDEO: A little boat with a big story

Felicity Ann, the sloop Ann Davison sailed across the Atlantic almost 65 years ago - is receiving a much needed restoration at the Northwest Boat School in Washington state.


VIDEO: Classic Maine Style

These Down East boats have a classic feel, but their Maine builders are keeping them up to date.


VIDEO: The old girl floats again

Nearly 220 years old, the legendary heavy frigate USS Constitution has just completed a 2-year restoration and has been floated back into Boston Harbor’s waters.


VIDEO: Look, Ma, No Hands!

Autonomous boating slowly is becoming a reality. And, if a Boston, Massachusetts, startup gets its way, skipper-less boats soon could be put to dangerous tasks, such as firefighting and oil spill containment—or maybe even take you out on your next cruise, hands-free.


VIDEO: Cleaning house

Despite facing immense skepticism, 23-year-old Boyan Slat plans on ridding the earth’s oceans of discarded plastics. He is preparing to demonstrate his innovative Ocean Cleanup system in the Pacific Ocean by the end of the year.


VIDEO: Ready, Set, GO!

Just how fast can a lobster boat go? Head up to Maine and see for yourself, or watch this video.