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VIDEO: New Jersey’s Lighthouses Are No Joke

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Some people might say New Jersey is a joke, but it has seventeen historic lighthouses, including a National Historic Landmark and two lighthouses on the National Register of Historic Places.

New Jersey also has the fourth tallest lighthouse in the country (Absecon Lighthouse at 171 feet), the oldest operating lighthouse in the country (Sandy Hook Lighthouse), the first lighthouse in the New World to be equipped with a Fresnel lens (Navesink Twin Lights) and arguably one of the most picturesque lighthouses in the country (Hereford Inlet Lighthouse, which is surrounded by beautiful English country gardens).

When Andre Malok, a videographer for, got his commercial FAA drone license, shooting aerial footage of New Jersey’s lighthouses was at the top of his list. 

Knowing that most folks see lighthouses from ground level or perhaps from inside, he realized an aerial view would be a rare treat and that a drone would allow him to shoot from vantage points that no one had ever seen before.

More than anything, Malok said he shot the video, because lighthouses "just look really beautiful and surreal, the way they are perched in some really gorgeous locations throughout New Jersey."

There were a few lighthouses he couldn’t shoot because they could only be accessed from Federal parkland, including the oldest working lighthouse in the United States at Sandy Hook, which was the first lighthouse in the United States to use an incandescent lamp. And that's no joke.


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