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New Online Class: Anchors & Anchoring

From Boater's University

Used properly, an anchor could save your life in an emergency. No topic sparks more passionate dockside debate than the new boater who asks, "Which anchor is best?" Instructor Chuck Hawley's goal is to demystify anchors and anchoring. Hawley takes an objective look at various types of anchors and how they work. He discusses the concept of “rode,” the chain and line that connect anchors to the boat. He talks about the modern history of anchor development and demonstrates various anchoring techniques. If you're new to cruising or just beginning to dream about living aboard, you need this online course! 


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New Online Class: Offshore Cruising: Preparing Craft & Crew

Preparation is key to successful cruising. Regardless of the size, make or model of your boat, understanding its critical systems and having a plan is crucial to keep your craft performing efficiently and safely.


Commonsense Anchoring

Knowing how to properly deploy and set an anchor is the key to a good night’s sleep on the hook.

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Anchors & Anchoring

Upgrade your boating skills and test your boating knowledge with online classes from Boaters University | AIM Marine Group, powered by Power & Motoryacht, Soundings, PassageMaker, Sail, Outboard and Yachts International.


Top Dock-and-Dines

These waterfront restaurants placed were rated “the best” by readers of Soundings.


Onne’s New Goose: A New Windlass and Anchor

Onne replaces the old Vetus windlass with a Lofrans and the CQR anchor with a Mantus. A new rode and chain top off the package


How-to Videos on Servicing Walker AIRSEP® Air Filters

Walker AIRSEP Air Filters are designed to keep down noxious gas and oil mist on turbocharged diesel engines. Check out these videos to replace, clean, identify, or get familiar with your AIRSEP system.

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Hurricane Florence Is Now A Category 2 Storm, But Don’t Underestimate It

Hurricane Florence may have been downgraded to a Category 2 storm, but don’t get fooled into thinking she is now less of a threat. WATCH VIDEO