Onne’s New Goose: Making It All Neat and Tidy

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During the inspection of the 1986 Grand Banks 32 Snow Goose, Onne noticed that the center windshield—the only one of the three windshield panels that isn’t fixed—had a 34-year-old nylon hinge that had seen better days, so he made a mental note to replace it once the purchase was completed.

But on a boat, if you like things really tidy—and Onne likes his boat to be Bristol fashion—that can sometimes lead to mission creep.

Onne removed the center windshield and brought it back to his shop so he could replace the nylon hinge with a stainless-steel one. That created the perfect opportunity to refinish the window, so he removed the hardware and the old seal and sanded the wood. He then painted it with TotalBoat’s Wet Edge High Gloss One Part Polyurethane Finish, put the new hinge on, replaced the seal with a Bomar adhesive-backed gasket, buffed the stainless hardware that opens and closes the window, and brought the unit back to the boat. You can see how he fixed and finished the center window in the above video.

With the window out of the boat, Onne thought this was the perfect time to varnish the teak window frame on the boat, so he sanded that too and put four coats of TotalBoat Halcyon Clear varnish on it and topped it off with one coat of TotalBoat’s Lust matte finish. Onne used the Halcyon Clear for the first four coats because it dries much faster than the Lust.

But while he was inside the boat, he noticed that the teak sinkcover, which can be flipped to double as a cutting board, had nicked the white Formica counter, which also had little black scratches in it. That’s when the mission creep really kicked in.

He sanded the Formica with 220 grit, which took the scratches right out, but then remembered how the hinge lid over the cooktop required two hands to lift, so he fixed that too.

Says Onne, “Now it’s all neat and tidy.”


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