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Saved By The Bell … For Now

The Pride of Baltimore II under sail on Chesapeake Bay. 

The Pride of Baltimore II under sail on Chesapeake Bay. 

The Pride of Baltimore II, which has sailed around the world promoting Baltimore City and the state of Maryland’s history and culture, was rescued from certain mothballing April 11, 2018 as the Maryland Legislature squeezed through a last-minute funding bill to support the tall ship through 2023.

Pride II, a replica of the Baltimore clippers that were used by privateers to maraud British ships during the War of 1812, has been sitting disassembled while awaiting her fate in an industrial waterfront section of Baltimore since late last year. Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland, is expected to sign the bill, but Pride II may not be sailing again anytime soon.

Capt. Jan Miles, Pride II’s skipper, said last week that the nearly 30-year-old tall ship needs $1.2 million per year to remain sail-ready and able to execute her mission. “The funding is a good thing,” Miles says. “But we still need more funding to get her up to speed again.”

You can help Pride II by donating online at or by volunteering to help with the ship’s upkeep. To volunteer, contact Capt. Miles directly at



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