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Rollover Recovery

The U.S. Coast Guard’s 47-foot motor lifeboat, or 47B MLB, is an important component of USCG operations. Capable of taking on the most severe heavy-weather conditions, the MLB can take a licking and keeps on ticking. The boats were designed for a 25-year lifespan, but the 20-year-old MLB fleet, which numbers over 100, was in need of an update.

Last year, Birdon America of Denver, Colorado, was awarded a $190 million contract to perform a Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) for the MLBs. As part of that refurbishment program the updated MLBs need to pass a rollover or self-righting test to ensure that they will return to an upright position after capsizing.

Recently, All American Marine of Bellingham, Washington, which was contracted to perform the west coast MLB refits, shot a video of the rollover test. It’s an important test since the boats frequently encounter gigantic waves.

Not surprisingly, it passed.


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The Candela C-8 Performs Its First Successful Flight

The Swedish company released a video of its foiling craft, which will be its first production vessel

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Freya, the Sunbathing, Boat-Sinking Walrus, is at it Again

The 1,300-pound walrus who sank boats all over Northern Europe in 2021 has returned and continues to sink watercraft

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The Vendée Globe Race Gets Underway

What is it like for a solo skipper to finally set out to sea after years of preparation? It’s emotional.

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A Mesmerizing Video Loaded with Boats and Music

Set in the middle of a Maine harbor filled with working lobster boats, the Salt Bay Chamberfest puts a beautiful video of a musical performance online

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You Can Only Get There by Boat

In a lovely short film, award-winning travel photographer and filmmaker Bob Krist shows Monhegan Island’s many magical charms

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French Sailor Laurent Camprubi Rescued from Inside Capsized Vessel

The sailor spent 16 anxious hours breathing from a shrinking air bubble before being extracted by Spanish Coast Guard divers

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How They Feed the Fish at the Aquarium

Preparing food for the animals at the nation’s oldest public marine aquarium is a gooey and entertaining process.

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The Voyage of the Mayflower II

In 1957, 33 men replicated the Pilgrim’s 1620 crossing to America by sailing a replica of the Mayflower from England to Massachusetts