VIDEO: A six-year, zero-emission voyage

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Energy Observer arrived in Paris earlier this week. The vessel is on a six-year mission, stopping in 50 countries, to demonstrate the effectiveness of using multiple energy sources to power a voyage. The trip also is intended to promote the research and use of alternative energy technologies.

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Originally a racing catamaran, Energy Observer has been refurbished into an alternative energy powerhouse. She’s equipped with solar panels, wind turbines and an electrolyser that can turn seawater into oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen is stored in a gaseous form that powers the vessel’s engines.



VIDEO: Cleaning house

Despite facing immense skepticism, 23-year-old Boyan Slat plans on ridding the earth’s oceans of discarded plastics. He is preparing to demonstrate his innovative Ocean Cleanup system in the Pacific Ocean by the end of the year.


VIDEO: Look, Ma, No Hands!

Autonomous boating slowly is becoming a reality. And, if a Boston, Massachusetts, startup gets its way, skipper-less boats soon could be put to dangerous tasks, such as firefighting and oil spill containment—or maybe even take you out on your next cruise, hands-free.