VIDEO: An Energizing Challenge


Monaco is known for its racing, although it’s usually Formula 1 cars. For the last five years, the Yacht Club de Monaco has hosted a very different sort of race. Called the Solar & Energy Boat Challenge, the race promotes the use of renewable and clean energies in boats. This year’s racing got underway July 12-14 on the Mediterranean Sea.

There are many different races and class categories, including a sexy runabout that can nearly top 30 knots, a fleet of ultralight trimarans and catamarans and a handful of foiling craft. This video shows some of the boats in action.

A wide variety of hybrid and electric boats have hit the recreational market over the years, but only a handful have enjoyed widespread commercial success. The Yacht Club de Monaco hopes to change that by showcasing the advancement of technologies for electric-powered boats. You can find out more about the event by clicking here