Solo Captain Records Voyage Around the World

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Captain Olivia O. Wyatt takes to the seas solo with her 34-ft Ta Shing Panda, Juniper. Her most recent expedition was a transpacific crossing from San Diego to Hawaii, a journey of approximately 2,269 nautical miles. That trip was just the first leg of a solo voyage around the world, guided by humpback whale migration patterns.

The Arkansas-native has travelled to more than 25 countries, creating ethnographic films along the way which focus on preserving the traditions of indigenous communities. A recent film was used as the official music video for Bonnie 'Prince' Billy’s song “This is Far From Over.”

Her next film project will explore humpback whale songs from the perspective of different native communities who consider them deities and who, according to Wyatt’s blog, “sang the world into existence.”

Wyatt will document parts of her journey in her blog in addition to her ethnographic film. You can follow her progress as she sails the globe alone at

You can see the Bonny 'Prince' Billy video right here:


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VIDEO: Of Mouse And Mayflower

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Beautiful Boat, Beautiful Film

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