VIDEO: The Bay’s Tastiest Critter

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Chesapeake Bay is prized for its blue crabs — armored and weaponized critters with bad tempers and claws that can instantly draw blood. Despite their grumpy dispositions, blue crabs are loaded with sweet, succulent meat. Crab lovers will be happy to learn that the 2018 Chesapeake crabbing season recently opened for business.

The Chesapeake’s recreational crabbers won’t set their traps, hand lines or trotlines for at least four to six weeks, but the Bay’s commercial watermen are already hard at work setting and retrieving their chicken-wire crab pots. This video shows how it’s done, as well as how a local chef prepares blue crabs.

Crabs aren’t just delicious; they’re a ton of fun to catch. You can learn how to get rigged up and start crabbing on your own by reading There’s More Than One Way To Catch Crabs, which appeared in the May 2018 issue of Soundings