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The Candela C-8 Performs Its First Successful Flight

Candela, the Swedish electric-boat builder, just tested its first C-8 foiling craft—its latest design and first production boat. Candela says it will now start production on the more than 100 orders they have received since last fall.

The C-8 follows the C-7 prototype that Candela launched in 2019. The company says the 27-foot, 8-inch C-8 leaves no wake, makes no noise, and has no emissions. It foils at 16 knots. Top speed is 30 knots, and its range is 50 nm at 20 knots. It will sell for somewhere around $330,000.

The C-8 has a 44-kW lithium-ion battery and uses two 55-kW pod drives of Candela’s own design. The pods weigh 110 pounds and have counterrotating propellers. Charging time is two hours. According to Candela, the pods require no maintenance for 3,000 hours.

CEO and founder Gustav Hasselskog says the company’s goal was to create a boat that consumed 80 percent less energy, so it would permit the use of electricity as the energy source.

On deck, the C-8 has seating for eight people plus a sun pad. It has a V-berth and head below. Candela says the C-8 provides a smooth ride, even in rough seas. It will be available as an open cruiser or a hardtop. The company will also offer a water taxi version.

Candela plans to produce 400 boats a year by 2024. The company recently received another injection of funding and is moving to a new plant in May. According to Hasselskog, the first C-8 units will be delivered this summer.

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