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The Voyage of the Mayflower II

In 1957, England gifted a replica of the Mayflower to the people of the United States.

Thirty-three men sailed the 106-foot three-master across the Atlantic in 54 days. They had all the advantages of the 1950s: better navigational equipment, radio, knowledge of the winds and currents, accurate charts, electric lights and tugs to tow them in and out of harbors.

The Pilgrims did it 1620 in 66 days with 102 passengers, including two pregnant women. They also had pigs, goats, and poultry aboard, and some passengers brought cats, birds and dogs, including a large mastiff.

Captain Christopher Jones had never sailed to the New World, but two of his officers had been across the Atlantic. The exact number of crew has never been firmly established, but estimates range from 14 officers plus 17 to 30 deckhands. About half of the crew died during the winter of 1620-21. The other half sailed the vessel back to England in 1621.

The crew of the original Mayflower had none of the advantages the 1957 sailors had. So, who were the better mariners?


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The Vendée Globe Race Gets Underway

What is it like for a solo skipper to finally set out to sea after years of preparation? It’s emotional.

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A Dramatic Rescue

A video shows a U.S. Coast Guard crew rescuing seven people from their overturned boat

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Dramatic Video Shows Crew Rescue in Heavy Seas

Crewmembers of a transport ship jumped into the raging sea so a Norwegian helicopter’s rescue swimmer could pluck them out of the water

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You Can Only Get There by Boat

In a lovely short film, award-winning travel photographer and filmmaker Bob Krist shows Monhegan Island’s many magical charms

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Onne’s New Goose: A New Breaker Panel

For the electronics on his Grand Banks 32, Onne gets a little help from his friends

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Sailors Save a Naked Woman in the Ocean

A pod of dolphins lead a new boat owner to spot a naked woman floating 3 miles off the California coast

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The Candela C-8 Performs Its First Successful Flight

The Swedish company released a video of its foiling craft, which will be its first production vessel

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Onne’s New Goose: Replacing the Marine Hot Water Heater

When the original boiler on his 1986 Grand Banks 32 gives up the ghost, Onne is in for a nice surprise