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VIDEO: Bonadeo 368 impresses show-goers

You're probably familiar with the Florida builders who produce high-end center console boats — Intrepid, Yellowfin and Jupiter among them — but there’s one that might be flying under your radar: Bonadeo Boatworks, of Stuart.

At the St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show in early December, the family-operated builder, founded by Larry Bonadeo, debuted its 368 Walk-Around. With her yellow hull and matching triple 300-hp Mercury Verados, proud bow and broken sheer, the boat attracted a steady stream of show-goers.

Bonadeo Boatworks uses fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber and a composite core — vacuum-infused with vinylester resin — to build the boat. "When we're done it's a totally monolithic boat, with everything fiberglassed in place for a solid but light one-piece structure," says Larry's son and vice president of operations Tony Bonadeo.

The boat also can be powered with twin outboards, but she gets a respectable 1.2 mpg at 40 mph with the triple Verados. This equates to a range of 350 miles, based on 90 percent of the 324-gallon fuel capacity. The 368 has a top end of about 60 mph.

Click play to watch as Tony Bonadeo talks about the 368.

The sitting surfaces of the boat’s three-person helm seat flip up for support while standing. The captain drives from a Palm Beach-style teak pod with a stainless-steel wheel and oversized steering knob.

The console houses a queen-size berth, vanity, sink and head. Options include air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. There's plenty of headroom in here — 6 feet, 5 inches. The wiring for the helm components is behind a large access door opposite the berth. The builder had neatly bundled and cable-tied the wiring and covered the terminals with rubber boots. Grommets provided chafe protection.

Not your typical monohull design, the 368 has no lifting strakes and a bottom that begins at the keel in a convex shape and transitions to concave toward the chines. "It works like an airplane wing, building lifting pressure from the center," Bonadeo says. "You end up with a solid deep-vee-feeling boat when you're running, but when at rest it is stable like a flat-bottom boat."

With the triple Verados, the starting price of the 368 Walk-Around is $375,000. The company also has built 31- and 34-footers.