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Whale Capsizes Boat Off New Jersey Coast

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Two fishermen found themselves in the water after a whale capsized their 20-foot motorboat off the coast of New Jersey. Neither man was injured and both were quickly rescued by a nearby boater who had heard the Mayday call.

Multiple vessels and a United States Coast Guard helicopter responded to the call near Deal, New Jersey, but the men, who were clinging to their capsized boat and a cooler, were retrieved from the water by a retired Trenton, New Jersey, firefighter, whose dive boat made the rescue easier.

In recent years, whales have been a more common sight off the New Jersey coast as the leviathans pursue more plentiful food sources near the beach. The whale was feeding on baitfish when it breached beneath the anglers who were fishing for fluke on their 20-foot May-Craft center console. The hull was apparently not damaged, but the T-top was mangled.

The breach was not recorded, but you can see the rescue in this video.


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