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You Can Only Get There by Boat

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Ten miles off the coast of Maine, Monhegan Island can only be reached by private boat or ferry. From May to October, three passenger ferries run to the island from Port Clyde, New Harbor and Boothbay Harbor. The rest of the year, only the Port Clyde ferry provides the island’s 70 or so fulltime residents with a lifeline to the mainland.

During the warmer months, Monhegan is a popular overnight and daytrip destination for artists, birders, hikers, and boaters who try to score one of the few, highly prized moorings in its picturesque harbor.

Bob Krist, a renowned travel photographer, writer and filmmaker, visited more than 150 countries for National Geographic and other publications over a four-decade career. When he and his wife, Peggy, decided to get away for a two-day wedding anniversary, the semi-retired Krist couldn’t resist the urge to bring some video gear along to record Monhegan’s many charms.

Krist’s short film is a lovely tribute to a magical place. And if you’re a boater, the island should be on your bucket list.


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A Dramatic Rescue

A video shows a U.S. Coast Guard crew rescuing seven people from their overturned boat

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He Proposed, But She Left Him All Wet

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Jimmy Buffett is Alive and Well and Performing from Home

The musician, a hardcore boater, can’t tour because of the pandemic, but he’s still making music.

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Rollover Recovery

The USCG’s updated 47-foot Motor Lifeboat is rolled over for a self-righting test

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Video Shows Whale Getting Hit by Boat

A humpback whale with a fishing net entangled on its head goes up a New Jersey River, gets hit by a boat and disappears before it can be helped.


Classic Boats, Timeless Stories

At the Antique & Classic Boat Show in Salem, Massachusetts, award- winning designs are thoughtfullly maintained by doting owners.


In the Nick of Time

A video shows a man patiently waiting for rescuers as his boat burns behind him.

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A Prize-Winning Nordhavn Film Worth Watching

Passagemaking yacht builder Nordhavn sponsored its first-ever film festival this year, and the winning entry is well worth watching.