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I am a longtime subscriber to Soundings and always look forward to the next issue. One section I have always enjoyed is Classics. The boats featured there always catch my interest. I have a suggestion for a design you might want to feature in a future issue; it’s a true classic, and the boat is mine. She is the original Able Marine Wolf Class 44 designed by Chuck Paine and built in Maine by Able. The company built only a few of this design, and everywhere I cruise the boat—from Maine to the Bahamas—she draws crowds of admirers. When she launched in 1993, she was on the front cover of a national boating magazine (Motor Boating & Sailing) and celebrated as one of the earliest of the Downeast-style express cruiser designs. Since her debut, hundreds of designs like her have followed. 

This article was originally published in the August 2022 issue.