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VIDEO: New Ask Mario Feature Debuts On


Mario Vittone, author of the Soundings blog Lifelines: Safety and Rescue At Sea, will be taking your boating and safety questions and answering them in a new Soundings feature called Ask Mario.

You can ask questions through the Soundings website — Mario will personally respond in videos posted to, Facebook and email.

Go to and fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of the web page. On the same page you can also see other video answers, a short bio about Mario, and links to his Lifelines: Safety And Rescue At Sea blog posts.

In this first video, Mario responds to Andrew Griswold, who wants to know how often thru hulls fittings should be replaced. 



Lifelines: Ask Mario

For the past year, former US Coast Guard rescue swimmer Mario Vittone has been teaching Soundings readers how to be safer on the water through his “Lifelines: Safety And Rescue At Sea” blog. He will continue to educate us, but first, he wants to hear from you. READ MORE.


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