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The Company We Keep

Soundings recently conducted a survey of subscribers to learn more about who you are, how you use your boat and what type of stories you’d like to see in the future. If you don’t already know it, the people who read this magazine are some of the most active and experienced boat owners out there, with an average of 20-plus years on the water. That’s an impressive statistic and it’s the thing that distinguishes this magazine from other marine publications. Soundings, for the past 60 years, has been a home port of sorts to people who choose to commit to boating for a good part of their lives.

The results of the survey don’t surprise our editorial team. We get constant reminders about your marine expertise. We receive emails, phone calls, social media posts and even handwritten letters on a regular basis. The correspondence—some complimentary, some written to school our staff when an error finds its way into a story—comes from powerboaters and sailors, recreational skippers and professional delivery captains, men and women, grandparents and young adults, those who cruise close to the coasts and others who cast off for transatlantic adventures. It’s a very diverse crowd. To my mind, that variety of experiences is what makes our readership so interesting. I speak for the Soundings team when I say we thoroughly enjoy the company we keep.

Thanks to the survey, we now have great suggestions for future stories. Many of you rank seamanship and rescue topics at the top of your must-have list, although classic boats, refits and troubleshooting stories are also in demand. As for cruising destination coverage, readers still want to learn more about places to visit in the Northeast, but there’s a growing demand for information about locations in the Southeast. Perhaps more of you are dipping a toe into the snowbird lifestyle.

We do want to produce content that can help you get the most out of your boat and your time on the water. If you didn’t have the chance to complete the survey, you can share your preferences with me at the email address below. Your input will help us deliver more of the information you need. In addition, it allows us to get to know you and your boat a bit more. And that’s the real joy of editing Soundings.

Jeanne Craig

This article was originally published in the September 2022 issue.


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